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Fully funded 5-year PhD fellowships in the field of anthrology of tourism – Univ. Lausanne

Dear friends and colleagues,

I have now started a new job as a professor of tourism anthropology at the University of Lausanne. As part of this, I am happy to be able to advertsie two fully funded 5-year PhD fellowships in the field of anthrology of tourism.

The candidates should hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in the social sciences (anthropology, ethnology, human geography) or in other disciplines relevant to the candidate’s proposal and have an interest in anthropological theory and ethnographic work on a tourism-related topic.

The specific focus of the fellowships is open and must be specified in the candidate’s proposal. Possible tourism-related topics are: resource management; circulation and material culture; contemporary forms of travelling journeymen; magic; wine/travelling winemakers.

Proficiency in either French or English is required; working knowledge of the other language would be an advantage. A good working level of French should be acquired within 2 years following the appointment.

The deadline for applications is 31 Octobre 2015. More information on the application process is available at (Look for „Graduate assistant in the anthropology of tourism“).

Successful candidates will contribute to the teaching in the anthropology of tourism.

It is strongly recommended to discuss the suggested  research proposal with Prof David Picard ( who will be the supervisor.


Thanks for circulating

David Picard


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